The New Year has arrived! 새해 복 많이 받으세요..

Annyeong everyone! 내 친구들안녕~

How have u been lately? 요즘 지냈어?

I apologise for not updating so much..I’ve been busy and lazy LOL.

But I promise to update from now on since I have about 5 weeks till I return to Seoul!

Oh I can’t wait! 기다릴 할수없다~~ Yeah, I can’t wait but at the same time nervous and sad that I will be leaving my home town for a new years. No more complaining how Brisbane is boring and quiet, no more early drinking cuz I live too far away from the city to catch a cab (expensive~), no more nags from the family..I’m scared I’ll feel that lonely empty space like I felt during my quick 6 months in Seoul last year.

*sighs* Alas, I must press on. It’s the future not the past from here. I’ll appreciate my family more when I miss them dearly during the next few years.

Apart from this, I can’t wait to go clubbing in Hongdae, spending my weekends at Music Shows, drinking, boy dilemmas, shopping, travel, teaching and SNOW!! 2011 will be a hell of a time! It’s time to grow up Theresa! woohoo!

Anyways, enough of my rambling.

I hope you guys will have an awesome 2011!  새해 복 많이 받으세요~ Happy New Year my lovalies!! ❤



P.S how cute is this CF?! I just wanted to giggle at Bommie.. hehe Just made my day~~



Must graduate in 3 months!

20 more enduring lazy weeks til I return to Seoul!

Can you believe it? It feels like its just around the corner woo-hoo!! ^_^

I have in total 3 assessments left to do of my entire degree and then I shall be flying of to my land of dreams keke.

*sighs* FIGHTING!!

Moreover, apart from my addiction over the many weeks left in Seoul, I’m having to endure other problems at hand. xD

From assessments, job searching, boys and money issues keep piling up..I at least received a 6 (B) for my assignments and found a second job. So I guess it’s not too bad. I just hope the latter part of my issues list do diminish..

For one thing, how do I reject a cute Korean boy and SAVE MONEY!!

Hahahah have I ever overcome simular situations? Nope – never. They continue to come my way..

tsk tsk tsk, I dont think I will ever be able to save since my eyes turn to colour and trends all the time. =.=”

Plus I’m Korean boy crazy. hahaha

I just hope that my fortune teller’s predictions of my future don’t come true. Me as a successful woman I can see,

but seeing myself a woman, who leaves behind her family running away with a new man, I cannot forsee.

Hahaha despite the fact I am boy crazy does not mean I will do that..RiGHT?! lol.. We’ll just have to see then.. xD

I’d just have to find myself a hot tall Korean guy to marry so then I don’t have a reason to run away with another guy.^__^.

Pfft, fortune telling is just entertainment and interesting..  =.=”

For now, I think I shall just rely on stuffing myself with alot of Korean Idol vids. I can still dream can’t I?!

hehehe I’m off to watch TEEN TOP’s episode of MBC’s Bouquet. *grins*



Missing Seoul!

Two and a half weeks away from Seoul and its already killing my bones!

These past few weeks have been a nightmare, you would never guess!

Living away from Seoul I feel like I’m growing up. Whereas back in Seoul I felt young and vibrant again haha.

*sighs* I have 5 and half months left of Brisbane and then I set foot in Seoul again. Oh the long tedious wait!

Oh wellz, I’d have to emotionally go through all my Seoul photos. I particuliarly found this photo on my facebook quite interesting.. My friends and I look quite fashionable, Seoul fashionable.. hahaha

Seoul, Sinchon

Basically, in Seoul, u can wear anything and it’s regarded as fashion. Now that’s what I love! Being creative with one’s own interests and experiences just creats fashion easier and fun! woooots!

Anyhoos, I hope everyone is having fun in the hot screaming sun in Seoul whilst I’m screaming in the coldness here.. xD

Bye bye for now!

괜찮아~ 화이팅~

Back in Brisbane!


Mianhe.. its been months since I last updated.

I am back in Brisbane, Australia unfortunately.

As much as I dreaded going on that Japan Airlines flight I have to come back.

I gota finish of my degree and then wala! I am back in SEOUL – next year February!

If everything this semester goes smoothly..so Seoul wait for me!!

I met alot of my folks online when they heard the news on facebook of my return..

Always the..Oh you look different..Where’d you go again?..Did you like it?..Will you return to Seoul?

My responses..Oh thanks.Do I look Korean now? haha..Seoul Korea, DUH! READ MY FACEBOOK STATUS!..Of course! Brisbane is too boring compared to Seoul..Yes I shall return with my presence next year for a few years!

I hope that’s cut and clean for you..it is for me. haha anymore questions? I can take em!

So what have I been doing since I came back last Wednesday morning (I couldnt even remember the way to my house from the airport when the taxi driver asked me O.o)? Lazed around and trying to find a full/part time job! Yeeesh, such a tedious task! I have no patience and energy in these things but why am I really going for a legal secretary or office type job you may ask?! They pay I guess? I need money fast to cure my poorness and being away from shopping and styles is HELL!!! HELL! arghhh! >.<”

Anyhoo… How is people? I wonder if people do read my blogs hahaha.. Just em is totally fine.. -.-

Well I better get back to “study” – Introduction to the Coronial System.. Boring or not? ehhhhs…

Thersea!! Love you!

Korean boy crazy week!! hehehe

Hey ho guys!!

Man I donno, but since last Saturday I’ve been meeting guys pretty a few times this week.. hehehe

Oh heaven! oh wait is that how u spell it? gosh my head’s spinning keke.

Ok here goes my Korean boy crazy week of spassing!

Saturday I met a nice guy at a korean club but he didnt ask for my number in the end..TOO BAD FOR HIM >.<”

Sunday I met a guy who picked up my phone when i forgot about at the “game room/arcade”. Too bad i didnt stay for longer to talk.. Obviously he wanted to talk to me by the fact he took my phone and wanted to meet me at the nearby subway station and hestitated to leave. Inspite of all these signs I continued to leave T___T” My bloody fault! He was sooo cute as well as an addition. xD

Wednesday night (Children’s Day) I went out to a Korean bar (expensive xD) to mainly see a guy which I meant a few months ago on my birthday. hehehe He is one of the bartenders and very hardworking I would say, unlike me D.  My girls and boys had a fun night playing darts and drinking the night away AND also spassing over my liking towards one of the bartenders hehehe. I discovered he is the same age as me heheh (internationally) and about a month older than me only.. woooots! oh cute oppa kekek. Anyways, we ended up with an appointment on this Sunday. hehehehe Date you would ask? nah i dont think so.. He just wants to learn more English so I am going to help him – HELP HIM *wink wink* hahaha. So i cant wait!!

What do you guys think? Happy for me? kekek

Theresa 🙂

G-market item 1 arrived!

Hey hey,

Omo. It was soo weird this morning. I was trying on a new outfit and suddenly the door bell rang. O.o

I freaked out. I reached for the phone and said “HELLO?” haha. I should’ve said “YOBSEAYO?”

He gave me a box and I was still confused. “NUGU?” Who? “THERESA”
And then I remembered hahaha. My Gmarket item. DUH!!! xD

Anyhoo, this is the first one I ordered last week. There’s more coming.. ^_^

태리사 ^^

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Dream Concert 2010 <3

Hey guys,

I’ve been informing everyone on facebook that I successfuly ordered 2 tickets to the Dream Concert 2010. keke

I can’t wait. My roomate also ordered two more for me. Mine are sepereted but are in the middle yet my roommate’s are on the side of the stadium but together. Which do you think is better to use? OH GOSH xD

The tickets each are soo cheap, costing me only 5000 won. It’s basically equivalant to $5 US/AUD.
When they arrive in the mail I will take a snap shot for u guys. ^^

You can check out the list of performers here

Anyhoo, Imma go forum roaming now..Which also means bragging about my Dream Concert news kekeke.

Byes 🙂
태리사 ❤

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